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13 November 2016, 16:41

JoveGames provides the service

Ensuring that we are ever avalaible
as it is", with "all the faults" and that "as it is avalaible", without any warranty.
Ensuring an uptime by 99,9%
Ensuring that we have no faults

In chat

I can write about any site
I can write as I want
I can't write in uppercase
I can write in any language

Manager can release his contract himself

In case of he doesn't want to be manager yet
In case of he want to go in an another team

Formation must be delivered

Maximum one hour before the match

The day before the match
Maximum 30 minutes before the match
Maximum 5 minutes before the match

Deputy manager is choosen by

Automatically from the server, it choose the most active
From the team with a internal pool
The manager
He is choosen randomly between the team's member

Supporter's account

Needs to contribute to the maintenance of the game and help it to develop
It is compulsory to speed the development of the game
Needs to be able to win, without it you could never be the best
Takes to win easy, otherwise you couldn't never compete with other users

Manager at the end of each season must

Continue to be a manger for 2 season before you can leave the team
Ask to the staff for release the contract for choose in wich team he want to transfer
Increase your contract as a reward for manage the team for the whole season
Let know to the staff if he want to continue to be manager

In case I or one of my friend receive a ban, I can

Ask information by ticket only if the ban is form me
Ask information in chat
Ask information by ticket
Ask information in chat or in forum

What happened if I says this answer to another user

Nothing, I'm only helping an user
I will banned permanently
I will banned temporarily
I will receive a reward

Deputy manager can't

Release, sells and increase his contract, as the manager too
Delive the formation
Increase his contract
Renew the contracts

If you want to be a mananger you must

To be present minimum 5 hours per day
To be present and seriousness
Do the request to the staff
To be very active in the game and to have got a good average daily done challanges

In Jovegames users must

Join 2 games
Says the password to the staff when it is request
Log in every day
Edit the password in case an user considers there is a threat and says to Jovegames what it happens


13 November 2016, 20:34

Ti consiglio di leggere soprattutto questa parte:

11 - Questionnaire
Questionnaire serves to ensure that every user knows rules, for this reason it is absolutely prohibited to provide the answers to other usersif we believe that an user has provided answers to other users he will be permanently banned immediately.


E basta con 'sta farsa. 

Perché fai fatica a parlare con i mobili?...perchè il tavolo è riservato...
13 November 2016, 23:09

Hi Deborah 147,

Please accept my apology for the inconvenience and i received a message from  demetrius

he told me that before your message.

I am so embarrassing because you are upset with me but unfortunately i don't understand "farsa".




14 November 2016, 11:10

Are you a clown???


14 November 2016, 14:54

Hi ciop,

I'm not work with a circus so i 'm not clown anymore 21

What are you looking for this position?

Good luck 14

All the best