Errors or bad translation

28 November 2013, 21:01

Hey guys,

if you find some problems in this version of game or errors in translation, you can post it. We'll fix them soon

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Perché fai fatica a parlare con i mobili?...perchè il tavolo è riservato...
18 July 2014, 13:06
<input id="contract_money" type="number" name="contract_money" value="10107" /> Minumum: &min% - Maximum: 26858
<input id="contract_term" type="number" name="contract_term" value="6" /> Minumum: &min% - Maximum: 8

in the Manger's (left a) panel

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18 July 2014, 14:57
Informations about this Master Street
Name: Ryan Iron
Maximum level: 10
Information about your advance with this Master Street
Current level: 7
Reputation: 1673/%reputatio_total%