The following terms are subordinated by conditions and terms of JoveGames that are avalaible at the following address:

1 - Game's rules
Eache physics person can have only 2 footballer (3 in case of one of this have a supporter's account).
In case of much more physics person use the same IP, they will ask for the approval by ticket.
If two person share the same IP they cant' challange theirselves.

In this server you can speak only in english.

2 - Forum's rules
Thread's title must indicated the thread's topic.
Messages must be written in polite and friendly way, without being arrogant.
It is forbidden to reply only "Quote" "I agree" or anyway you don't express your mind.
It is forbidden to go off topic.
It is forbidden to enter external link. It is allowed only Jovegames. com link.
It is forbidden to enter refer link.
It is forbidden to contest or request information about ban.

3 - Chat's rules
In chat it is forbidden:
- Write in capitals letters;
- Invite repeatedly other users to join at your invitational;
- Enter external link that not are Jovegames.com.
- Talk about other site (Look at 12 point to know more)
- Write in other languages that not are English;
- Write repeatedly the same thing;
- Censor the word;
- Write refer link;
- Enter e-mail address;

All the massages, even the whisper, are memorized to can be seen by Staff.

4 - Manager's rules
Manager is the most important person in calciostreet, so everyone who wants to cover this figure must keep attendance and seriousness.
Only one of the game's account associated with the same ip can be managers regardless of who is the owner.
If a manager that have a 2nd footballer should decide to change his footballer (tha manager will become a footballer and the footballer will become the manager) will can do it only in case that this change will take an advantage to the team. The advantage will be evaluated about skills or in base of the team's needs, but in this second case the manager will be give a reason. In case of there aren't benefits, the change will not be done.
At the end of each season the manager will let know if he would continue his adventure as manager for the next season.
- In case of rejects the manager, at the end of the season, will be replaced by another user and he can't do the manager for a undetermined time.
- In case of confirmation the manager will cover this figure until the end of the season.

Foundamental manager's duties

1) When the manager cover this figure it will be bound until the end of the season even it will be replaced by another user. From this duties there are excluded deputy manager or provisional manager.
2) Manager can't realease himself, the new manager can do it without any duties. In case of transgression the user will be punished.
3) Manager will be punished (depending of the seriousness of the fact) if he sabotages his teams. (For example if he release all the footballer before they let know that he wouldn't do the manager yet)

5 - Deputy manager's rules
At the beginning of each season the manager will choose, between his footballer, a deputy manager.
The way to choose the deputy manager is at the discretion of the manager.
It can't be chosen an user that have his 2nd player as manager or deputy in another team.
Only one of the game's account associated with the same ip can be managers or deputy manager regardless of who is the owner.
Deputy manager, also manager too, can't realease himself, the manager can do it without any duties. In case of transgression the user will be punished.
Deputy manager will must replaced the manager in case of absence:
- The will can deliver formation, plan the friendly matches, send circular messages, plan the training, propose/renew/release contracts.
In case of Manager and deputy manager's absence he can choose another deputy manager within the midnight of the day before the match. Staff can't sobstitute after this date.
Deputy manager's change must be done by ticket.

6 - Contracts of teams rules
In case of inactivity manager can release the footballer paying:
- 100% of the clause if the footballer is inactive from 1 to 14 days
- 50% of out clause if the footballer is inactive from 15 to 29 days
- Free if the footballer is inactive for more than 29 days
Team can release footballers when it wants payng in base of this formula Skill*1000
What about the transfer, the maximum number of transfer for each footballer in each session of transfer is 1.

In case of one footballer were permanently, or for a long period, banned manager can request the free release by ticket.

7 - Formation's delivery
Manager must check that the formation is complete before each match.
Formation must be delivered within 1 hour before the beginning of the match.

8 - Teams
Each team must have a minimum number of footballer that is 13 and a maximum number of footballer that is 17.
At the end of the transfers, if some teams can't reach the minimum number of footballer, the Staff will be assigned to its some bot's footballer.
In team's forum you can create until 15 section. The thread which don't receive replyes from 45 days will be deleted (if you don't put it in relief or as announce).
The maximum number of announce is 3, otherwise the maximum number of threads in relief is 10.
One physics person can have 1 PG in the same team.

9 - Ticket
It is forbidden to disclose the argument of the ticket without the consensus of CalcioStreet.it.
It is forbidden to open more ticket to ask for the same thing.
All the communication with the Staff must be done by ticket, not in chat, not by private message.
In base of the nature of the service of CalcioStreet not provide any answer to the ticket, which could be processed even after long periods of time.
By tickets can only be given information about themselves, and not information concerning other players.
Only DGA,SGA and GA can view ticket,which can paste all or part of the ticket to other users if they consider it necessary for a more complete vision of the event or to make a decision.The staff members who answer to the tickets may not always be aware of the changes that occur within the game and could provide incomplete or incorrect informationby co-operating voluntarily with CalcioStreet to help users.

10 - Messagges
Messages aren't viewed by the Staff.
They will be checked only in case that an user request it to prevent a breach of regulation and contract with JoveGames well as the laws.
User may not disclose to third partiesthe messages received from the staffunder penalty of exclusion from the game. 

11 - Questionnaire
Questionnaire serves to ensure that every user knows rules, for this reason it is absolutely prohibited to provide the answers to other usersif we believe that an user has provided answers to other users he will be permanently banned immediately.

12 - Other web sites
In the game is strictly forbidden to talk about other web site.
It is possible to talk about a few web sites provided that an user doesn't use it, even in an indirect wayto refer to other browser games or other sites.
Sites that are in this category are: Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube.

13 - Clan
It is forbidden have 2 footballer of same user in the clan.

14 - Staff's hierarchy
The staff is so dividedin order of importance (Less important first):

GM --> Game Moderator, they moderate the chat and the forum.
GA --> Game Administrator, they manage the site, taking all the decisions, and they are able to communicate with DGA.
SGA --> Super Game Administrator, they check the work of the GM and GA, and they are able to communicate with DGA.
DGA --> Developer Game Administrator, founder of the project, they can be contacted only by the staff.